Visual Identity & Designs


In this project for a UI boot camp, we were assigned a productivity app to design. Dex is a productivity app for creative freelancers. It empowers freelancers to stay independent by simplifying their client relationships and project management workflows in a simple and easy-to-use mobile app. 

This first set of screens is the signup, login, and homepage of the app. 

Because creative freelancers don’t have the budget - and oftentimes, nor the business need - to subscribe to enterprise-grade tools, this is a lightweight tool that hits the sweet spot of enough functionality to be helpful, but not overcomplicating workflows.

The goal of this concept project is to design a productivity tool that empowers creative freelancers to stay on top of their projects, actions, and clients. This app should provide enough utility to make the service feel valuable and worth a subscription. But, this app should not be overpacked with features that creative freelancers, who work on a project basis, don’t use. This app aims to look and feel sleek, modern, minimal, and thoughtfully designed.

I wanted this prototype to feel really intuitive and easy to grok -- there shouldn't need to be onboarding or training to figure out how to use it, the way you would with Salesforce or Asana. I also wanted it to feel luxurious and design-forward, really prioritizing the taste and preferences of its users. The main challenge in designing this app was limiting how many features to design for the MVP. Productivity apps can really go overboard, so we tried to keep this focused on a few, high-impact experiences. 

This second set of screens is the People tab, with the overview tab, an “add new contact” drawer, an individual contact page and that screen in its edit state. 

This third set of screens is the notes overview tab, followed by an individual note and a drawer that pulls up when the user hits the circle with dots in it up top. 

The fourth set of screens here is the projects overview tab, followed by an individual project and an “add new project” drawer.