Happier is a productivity app founded by writer Gretchen Rubin. It seeks to empower users with practical, didactic actions to make their daily lives incrementally happier.

I'm the lead product designer on this project - I'm working on a freelance basis with Anne Mercogliano, the CEO, and Jason Konrad, the director of engineering, among other folks on the team. An engineering firm designed the 1.0, so I'm coming in and leveraging an existing design language and set of patterns to work with and improve upon.

Of note, Happier won a Webby for best visual design & function for a mobile app in 2022!!

I leveraged learnings from the CHANI app and how I saw users engage with the paywall there for this project. I also had to clean up a lot of details in the app from the original set of designs - spacing, alignment, and the design system were a bit messy so foundational work needed to be done as well.

This feature update should ship within the next 4 weeks, and from there we'll begin a more comprehensive redesign of features and flows in the app. Among other things, here are a few key outcomes of this first round of work:

This project focused on redesigning the onboarding and paywall/subscription upgrade experience in-app. We moved the paywall from the onboarding flow into the core areas of the interface, optimizing for engagement and usage of the app rather than having exclusively paying users. I applied sales psychology to get users to best understand that creating "Aims" is the primary action they're going to take in the app, and subscribing is the best experience for managing one's Aims.

I redesigned and rewrote the copy on the paywall to emphasize the features in the app and highlight the generous 3-month free trial more prominently.

External Recognition

User Flows & Designs

I made edits to the UI and UX copywriting in the onboarding flow, in order to seed the idea that Aim creation is the primary job to be done in the app.

The Happier app recently won a Webby for best visual design!!!!

I made tweaks to the "+ New Aim" flow in order to make it more prominent on the frame, and drip users towards conversion, instead of immediately bumping into the paywall.