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Wireframe of an astrology app
Hey! My name is Maria Newman, but everyone calls me Mimi. I'm a product designer.
I'm most known for work in the consumer health & wellness space. It's my life's goal to help people heal, grow and thrive.
How did I get here? I have a product communications background -- I worked in tech PR for 10 years. After launching so many products, I got interested in building the product. An opportunity arose to design an app while I was working at a startup, and there I learned UX & UI.

Comms and product design are both based on anticipation and empathy: in both disciplines, we're anticipating what people need to know to accomplish a goal and empathizing with their experience.

Real people have said nice things about the apps I've designed. I've been lucky enough to win design awards. And these apps have been profitable, too.
real reviews of the apps i've designed

The app is so smooth, so user-friendly and intuitive, pun intended ha ha… So simple… I really can’t ask for a better experience. 

This app is a guiding star that has become a staple source of information, inspiration and validation on the daily. The app’s design is thoughtful, detailed and a constant treasure trove of insights. The art work and the app’s flow are fun and user friendly.

This app is hyper-relevant, fascinating, and gorgeously constructed!!!!! wowwwwww!!!!